We repair old siding and also do whole home replacement vinyl siding at Ruiz Roofing in Owensboro, KY

Trust a Local Roofing Contractor to Protect Your Home

Hire us for vinyl siding installation or repair services in Owensboro, KY

If any of the following describe your Owensboro home:

  • You've requested frequent exterior painting service
  • Your heating and cooling bill has increased
  • Your siding has rotted or warped
  • The wallpaper in your home has loosened
  • Or your siding has been riddled with holes, bubbles or dry rot...

...call Ruiz Roofing & Home Improvement LLC immediately. We'll repair or replace your siding depending on the extent of the damage. If we're replacing your old siding, we'll find out what color, profile and texture you want your new vinyl siding to be before we visit your home. You can count on us to restore your home's beauty and durability.
Schedule your vinyl siding replacement or repair in Owensboro, KY by calling us today.

Don't neglect your fascia, soffits or gutters

These features are all important components of your home. Ruiz Roofing & Home Improvement will inspect and repair them so they can remain in top condition. We'll do whatever it takes to keep your home looking its best.

Contact us today for more information about fascia, soffit and gutter repair.