Asphalt shingles installed after storm damage by Ruiz Roofing in Ownesboro, KY

Need a New Roof Installation?

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Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. It protects your belongings from damage, shields your family from the weather and prevents the structure of your home from being compromised by mold and insect damage. However, your roof cannot last forever, and it needs to be replaced every now and then. You can count on Ruiz Roofing & Home Improvement LLC in Owensboro, KY to replace it for you. We'll install a new roof and finish it with shingles that will last close to 30 years.

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3 signs you should replace your roof

Don't know if you should replace your roof? Here are a few signs you should have a new one installed:

  1. Your roof is older than 20 years
  2. Shingles are missing
  3. Your shingles are deteriorating into your gutters

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